Monday, March 25

Stations and time

Some projects take forever... some no time at all. Part of it is how long it takes to come up with an idea. The other part is how complicated the execution is. It's always easier when a exterior source poses your artistic challenge. This coming Friday, March 29th is GOOD FRIDAY, and I was invited to participate once again in the artistic interpretation of the Stations of the Cross in Norris Square Park at 3pm sponsored by West Kensington Ministries. It's a great ecumenical community event with participants of all ages and artistic experience, but each interpretation is heartfelt and meaningful.
 I am doing Station 4 this year- "He Meets his Mother". I was thinking about Mary's desire to offer help but feeling helpless in the face of her son's persecution. To know from the very beginning what his fate would be. I cast in plaster an upturned hand- a gesture of both offering and asking for help, as well as one of prayer. (My daughter played hand model for me- how has she grown so much that her hand is as big as mine?) In the palm is a strip of cloth printed with the stories of Mary and Jesus' interactions throughout his life- a lifeline if you will. Here it is in the studio:
Next to it is my newly finished "Deborah's window", which was 2 years in the making due to fits and starts, compared to the 2 week timeline of the Good Friday piece. They are both mournful pieces. My work feels mournful lately- even the wintry tree piece. You'd think I'd lost a lot of people in my life to see all this work.

Anyway- I'll be in Norris Square, corner of Hancock and Susquehanna on Friday, March 29, 2013 at 3 pm walking the way. Come join us for an interesting afternoon of art, song, story, and prayer.

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