Thursday, July 19

Teaching, teaching, sewing

I don't have a lot to say lately. It's been incredibly hot here. At least I get to spend most of my time making art with young and old in blessed air conditioning. Here's a glimpse into the studios this week:
my 11-13 year olds are doing a grid enlargement of a coral reef

my adults are doing expressive self-portraits

realistic self-portraits are a challenge
 Not much personal artwork going on- today I cut and started assembling a linen wrap tunic. I wish I had someone to help me pin and fit it- I think I did alright, but it's hard to wear something and pin it yourself. I'm working loosely off a shirt pattern, so the cut wasn't perfect. Some pin tucks, darts, and pleats helped shape it a bit. I was disappointed with how much fabric the sleeves ate up- I was hoping for the tunic length to be nearly knee-length, and it's just a little past hip-length. I also wasn't able to do as deep a wrap over the front. But perhaps I could find a contrasting fabric to make an extension. Ah well. It's still fun just making something for me.
Stay cool........... stay creative.


  1. I'm glad somebody has been productive this week - great work! I admit to being a lazy bag of bones, because I go back to work very soon...

  2. You deserve every moment of rest you can get right now! We need time to recharge our batteries and renew our resources to be ready for all those kids coming back for the school year!