Thursday, July 26

Eye Candy

 It's amazing how much creativity is spilling out of Fleisher's studios this week- It feels like a current of electricity or synchronicity or serendipity.
Here's a few luscious pictures from my Monday night Shibori class. We washed out and revealed the kanoko and arashi shibori samples that were tied and dyed the previous week.

 I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE arashi, which is also known as pole-wrapping. It makes a lovely wavy pattern over the fabric.
 Here's my little sample:
I can't wait till next Monday when we wash out our clamp-dyed pieces!
Stay tuned for more student work- I've got a bumper crop of T-shirt screenprints that my amazing young teens have been cranking out this week. I've never had such a prolific group of screenprinters! Tomorrow is our last day of art camp, so I'll have more pictures to share soon.


  1. I've been thinking about how to adapt a shibori process for use with kids.... tissue paper and liquid watercolor perhaps