Tuesday, July 24

summer art camp II

Finished up another week of summer camp at Fleisher teaching Painting and Drawing for 11-13 year olds. Here's some of our fanciness:
Group mark-making value scale

surreal still life objects

our completed grid enlargement of a coral reef
It was a good week with some very quiet young adolescents. I'm also halfway finished an artist-in-residence at a community center in South Philly where I'm painting a mural with about 15 teens.
a sneak peek at the mural-in-progress at th Houston Center
After all the busy-ness of summer art camps, I spent Saturday up in New Hope/Lambertville criss-crossing the Delaware. We came home with a new musical treasure- a ukulele!
my contemplative girl looking over the Delaware
I hope all the goodness of this past week and weekend spills over into this coming week...

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