Sunday, October 3

new blu animation!

I really love stop-motion animation and artistic grafitti, and nobody combines the 2 like Blu. I just discovered the website where you can view all his videos. And here is the's pretty long, but worth it:

We're getting flipcams for my residency to do video responses with the kids. Since part of our project is an interactive element with the piece, who knows! Maybe we can make our own animation!! I just bought embroidery supplies for the class- this week we start stitching. Yay!


  1. This is an awesome video!!! I just discovered your blog---I will keep reading for sure.

  2. Thanks Perpetua! I enjoyed scrolling through yours as well- gorgeous bullions!

  3. SO does he really paint this surface, or manipulate it via computerized paint shop? MOM

  4. As far as I know they are totally painted! You can even see shots of them roller painting in some of the films and you can see the "erasure" trails brhind the figures.