Friday, May 14

New tagging

There's been a lot of interesting wheatpasting and street art in my area lately.I've seen a lot of various colored elephant-men above all over the place. I love the intricacies of the multi-headed winged creature above , also seen in multiple locations. The knitters have been busy too, perhaps inspired by news of the Cape May knit graffiti. Rocket cat's bike post has been swathed as well as numerous other bike posts and electric poles. So I felt inspired. Yesterday, waiting for a bus at a site I'd tagged before, I noticed that the wire trash basket I'd tagged had disappeared. I pulled out a needle and thread and a piece of painted cloth that has been floating in my bag for over a year waiting to be used for something. I cut up the cloth and started stitching eyes and my tag. I've been thinking about nazar/evil eye as good luck for me. I also read somewhere that when people see images of eyes in public, they are less likely to do something mischievous. This morning while waiting for a different bus I tagged this light pole. I wish I'd taken a little more time to tidy up the edges and make it really secure, but I always feel a bit nervous tagging...
I think it looks kind of like a rebus. "eye"/I/Me or "see me". Of course M.E. are just my initials.


  1. You also mentioned wheat paste and street art in one of your posts the other day. Is that what is always used to paste things outdoors on walls and poles?

  2. hello anonymous, as far as I know, wheatpaste is the cheapest thing to use. It's basically a flour/water mixture. I think wallpaper paste is a possibility. A lot of people print onto stickers for really quick application. Then there's the good old staple gun.

  3. Your eye tags are wonderful! Reminds me of surveillance and big brother but in such a cheeky, whimsical way. I'm so glad you are documenting them!