Tuesday, May 11

somewhere in Baltimore....

Book bombs strikes again! Michelle Wilson and Mary Tasillo, AKA Book Bombs have spread their wings and flown to Baltimore for this wheatpasting for Axis Alley, a project that seeks to transform vacant buildings with art. I love in the photo above how the previous artists paintings remain, the scissors at left referring to Book Bombs' cut paper, and "Forgive us our trespasses" referring to the transgressive act of wheatpasting/graffiti in public spaces.
For this project, the Book Bombs team used recycled denim for their handmade paper, and the flora forms represent endangered plant species of the region. Part of the reason I wanted to share this is because fibers from jeans I once wore are now clinging to a wall in Baltimore. Eventually they will wash away, disintegrate, and become part of the earth there.
If you're in the Baltimore area, the address is 2212 N. Calvert Street. Check it out before it disappears!

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