Sunday, May 30

Tying up loose ends

Thursday night I trimmed and pinned the children's finished embroidered hands to the "tree" so that on Friday I could show them what the final product would look like.They all did a fantastic job, and I consider it a great success. Now I'm sewing all the leaves on so I can return the wall-hanging for installation at the school next week. Of course, my hands are not in the best shape for this tonight as I spent the day cutting back thorny bushes. Blisters and splinters- ouch! Here's what the tree will look like in the end:
A little busy perhaps, but full of color and pattern and life- exactly what I hope the kids learned about art in India.


  1. That's beautiful! I wish I were a kid in your class.

  2. Such an accomplishment, both for you as a teacher and for the students as artists and "stitchers".

  3. Thanks! I can't believe I we pulled it off!

  4. That thorny bush can't compete with the pricking of your finger with the needle to finish this tree. Besides, the tree is really fantastic and worth the "ouchy" finger. Love MOM.... Thanks for trimming my thorn bush.

  5. Absolutely fantastic!
    You have changed lives, I'm sure.

  6. love it- and i bet they did too. i believe...
    great work!