Wednesday, May 5

more print influences...

I don't want to detract from my previous post- so read on and respond to my question below if you would, but this print influence is all over the place. I started painting/drawing my "Fruit" for the tree of life project at church tonight and ended up using the internet images I found last night as well as leaf and flower images from a printed fabric.Was also looking at Henna Mendhi patterns earlier today- lovely repetitive marksHere's my pomegranate:These images are going to be copied and sold to place on a drawn tree of life I'm starting tomorrow. Money will be raised for Episcopal missions.
Okay, now that I've shared my excitement after all that india ink drawing, go back to telling me about how you've been influenced by print media.


  1. These images are great. I love the dots and repetitive marks. Thanks for posting them.

  2. Thanks Judy! Painting with the India ink felt very free and spontaneous compared to my usual stitching. I think it's good to work in various media sometimes. Frees up the hands and the mind.