Monday, March 19

Silkscreen on Fabric class at Fleisher!

This past Saturday was the last session for Silkscreen on Fabric at Fleisher Art Memorial. We had just enough time to finish up our repeat prints, and they turned out SO GREAT!
 Trinh's flower print was done in pigment first, then the yellow and purple was dye painted in. It was printed on a light cotton gauze- perfect for a spring scarf or summer wrap.
 Susan's repeat design worried me at first. I had advised that any 2 color prints should have shapes that may interact but not rely on perfect registration... hahaha. This one did rely on registering a blue detail print over a yellow color shape.
 We managed to get the yellow layer printed with decent registration for the repeat. Then, to my surprise, the blue layer printed quite easily. Lining up the registration was a cinch since we could see the yellow forms clearly through the screen.It helps, too that the bright, light yellow has edges that blend in easily.
It's been a very successful semester, and now is the time to register for the Spring semester. I need about 3 more people to sign up in order for the class to run. If you are interested in learning how to do silkscreen and how to print on fabric (or on paper too) visit to register ASAP. Time is running out! Spread the word!


  1. Lovely prints, really nice results! I love the colors and the drawings!

  2. Yes! It was a great success, and luckily my class is running next semester too! Yippee!