Friday, March 23

Silkscreen "advertisements"

My Saturday silkscreen kids finished up their "advertisement" prints just in time for our last class and a print exchange. We had started off by looking at how products are advertised with text, color, and image. Then we brainstormed different foods, apparel, destinations, events, and inventions to generate ideas for what they would like to advertise. The kids printed color flats for the background, then did a drawing on mylar with sharpie to use as a photo positive to burn a screen. Some students even got to 3 layers!
rainbow pulls in both background and in the skirt color layer made this one especially colorful! Aren't those "sparkly skirts" alluring hanging in the sunset?

This print was inspired by a video game. Registration was tough, but the warm/cool contrast is great. I also really like the sketchy hand of his drawing style.

This one combined a hand-drawn element with photoshopped text. Read carefully- this kid has a great sense of humour and REALLY got the idea of playing with ad stereotypes

Like the Dallas cowboys? This boy imagined a TV channel that would be all Dallas Cowboys all the time! He also used the rainbow pull to great effect.
I'll miss this crew of kids so much. Many of them are aging out of my class, and I've seen them over several years. It's a great privilege to be involved in their artistic development. Next semester I'll have all girls! We're going to do a self-portrait reduction print... Should be interesting!

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