Saturday, September 3

Some more black lines

My summer camp work is over and I have a few moments to breathe and think and make some new things.

 I'm doing a Philly skyline embroidery. I've been happily stitching on this in the evenings for the past few weeks, just drawing in black thread. It's very hard to share, though- the actual size is about 4 inches by 30 inches. It took 3 scans to composite the above image, and the huge width makes it hard to post in blogger. I've still got about 6 inches to finish stitching to bring the view back around to the Delaware river.
It's mostly whipped backstitch with some seeding, isolated chains, and french knots for foliage. I'm enjoying the panoramic length despite the documenting difficulties- it satisfies my love for the small scale while allowing me to work "bigger".
This weekend I'm picking up a standing embroidery frame- slightly scary to imagine I'll be making things large enough to require one, but it's free and will offer new possibilities.


  1. really cool... i love that "drawing with thread" loose kind of look.

  2. Thanks Hope- I forget sometimes how nice it is to just draw. And embroidery is a great drawing medium.