Thursday, September 22

Hey Jude

 My fabulous Stitch and Surface students finished up their feathers for Jude and brought them in this week. I can't wait to send these off to her!

In creating these feathers we talked a lot about various forms of collaboration. Personally I think collaboration is a vital part of being a contemporary artist, and including collaboration in the classes I teach to both adults and children is a form of community building and social consciousness-raising.

I'm going to wait till next week to mail these off in case any last contributions arrive. Then I hope they'll show up on the pages of the Magic feather Project. For more info go HERE.


  1. what a wonderful activity to bring to your students! they did a great job, too.

  2. Beautiful collection of feathers! You (and your students) have totally inspired me!!

  3. Jude wants 1000 altogether- so get stitching!