Friday, July 1

Multiple Perspectives

I'm in full thesis-writing mode. Since my topic is about use of blogs in reflective practice for arts educators, it makes sense to walk the talk here. So here's where my head is at this point:
Reflective Practice requires taking multiple perspectives on a situation or experience. Like Duchamp’s cubist "Nude Descending a Staircase", the reflective artist-teacher takes a look back on a 4-dimensional experience(teaching being a time-based activity) and critically revisions it to fit together the multiple vantage points into a new understanding. I'm liking this cubist metaphor, and I wonder if/how I can fit that into the paper.
I'm also enjoying my moments of image connection to my research. It makes sense to me as a visual artist to use images to illustrate my ideas- it makes my thinking more concrete. By documenting my thought/images I can look back and track the train of thought.... Haha! more reflective practice! There's no escape!

In other news, my Wall piece is complete and delivered to Fleisher for the annual faculty show. I'll post some pictures of the final product once the installation is complete!


  1. sounds like an interesting paper you're writing. i am definitely excited about revisiting my lesson plans for this past year after having blogged/followed other bloggers about similar lessons. i can see great enhancement on the way for next year once i start plugging in all the newly discovered ways of looking at my old plans. best of luck!

  2. Thanks Hope! I sent you an email with a request, but I don't know if you regularly check your school email in the summer.