Monday, June 13

RIP FiberArts Magazine

I am so so sad. I received my VERY LAST issue of FiberArts magazine in the mail today with a notice that they will no longer be publishing the most wonderful magazine ever. I've subscribed to FiberArts for over a decade and it has been highly influential to me as an emerging fiber artist. I even had a letter to the editor published in it once. I never got around to submitting my own work to them for publication and I seriously regret not being brave enough to do so before now.
Goodbye FiberArts. This is a blow to my genre of Craft.


  1. It's like they got a blow of the bad wind from Moore's textile dept and grabbed on. I wonder if there is an online component that they will be continuing?

  2. I don't think so, although they'll likely keep the archive online. They're completing everyone's subscription with "Quilting Arts". Not quite the same thing.
    Fiber Arts made such a great bridge between fine art and the DIY craft movement. Craft magazine only rarely features fiber. I'm going to have to bite the bullet and buy an $80 subscription to the UK's Embroidery magazine. *sigh*

  3. I'm not sure weather this was the final "Fiberarts Magazine", or simply the last issue to be published by Interweave.

    On June 3rd, I extended my "Quilting Arts" subscription with Interweave and also re-subscribed for another 5 issues of "FiberArts" from

    Within a day or two I learned that Interweave would no longer be publishing "FiberArts" magazine. In an inquiry via Interweave's Website, I stated that I had just re-subscribed to "FiberArts Magazine" via and needed to know weather my re-subscription to "FiberArts" would be valid, or should I ask to have my money refunded. "Will the magazine continue to be published but by another publisher, or would this be the end of this magazine?"
    I also expressed concerned about possibly receiving double issues due to a subscription overlap.

    A response stated that my re-subscribe to "Quilting Arts" would start in a couple of months, after my current subscription ended...with no overlapping issues. No mention was made regarding the future publication of "FiberArts".

    My "farewell" issue contains an editor's letter. It states that this will be the final issue that the current publisher will be publishing.

    I'm dyslexic and have been known to miss words that were hiding in plain sight, so maybe I missed something that is extremely obvious to most readers. Is this the last "FiberArts" issue period?