Sunday, June 5

New work

 While chained to my sewing machine last week making the pillows for the 5th graders I took some time out and stitched together a new background piece. I've still got lots of pieces from my gran's old stash and now have two more compositions stitched up. This one is a 9 patch arrangement of her 16 patch assemblies. There's a shift from greens into blacks/tans/blues. Staring at it on my inspiration board I decided the colors were representing city girl (me) and farm girl (her). It's basted to sandwich it to a piece of soft white recycled sheet cotton on the back. I've started some sashiko stitching over the "city" portion in a grid pattern. I'm thinking interlocking circles over the greens.
Here's a blurry pic of my gran from a snapshot that fell out of a book my mother gave my daughter yesterday. It was taken in 1949. I wonder what she would think of my quilt appropriations...

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  1. This reminds me of some of the pieces I've seen at Spirit Cloth. And Gran would love it.