Tuesday, March 29


Hello there........... I'm feeling generous today and thought I'd try out one of these giveaway things to see if anybody's actually reading this nonsense I post. I made these embroidered pendants a few years ago and have a few still floating around. If you'd like to have one of these for your very own, please post a comment with your favorite color and tell me if you lurk because you like when I show my student work or my own work or why it is you like reading Colored Thread....
I can't promise you'll get either of the ones above, but I'll try to pick one out that's closest to your favorite color that you tell me. You have until Saturday, April 2nd, noon EST to post a comment and I'll pick a name out of a hat or something. Ready, Set, Go!


  1. You know that I am a groupie and check your blog every day! I would be honored to wear one of your pendants and I know my students would be intrigued. Pick me! Pick me!

  2. I am new to your blog - I discovered it while searching for some stitchery projects for my elementary art students. You have some very nice work here. I love stitching/weaving/ fabric arts but am a novice myself as most of my experience is in painting/drawing/printmaking. I am excited to find blogs like yours to get me going!
    My favorite color is yellow-green.

  3. Nice to hear from you Donna!
    Welcome Hope- I really liked your blog too and added it to my sidebar last week. You have great projects!
    Okay people, keep it coming!

  4. I read your blog almost every day, but more because I miss you. But I'm hoping to take some of your ideas and incorporate them into the curriculum I'm writing now for the Detention Center as well.

    And I think you already know my palette.

  5. I'm a lurker and enjoy seeing both your work and your students' work. Blue is my favorite color but I would be thrilled if i won one of your pendants of any color!

  6. Hello Marie -- I found your blog and was thrilled to see you post about my dad's tie project, which I know will be awesome. Favorite color? A deep ocean-y blue. (I should have a more technical vocabulary for this after taking your color theory course, shouldn't I?) -- Joellen

  7. @Michelle- let me know if you want to brainstorm any time!
    @Deborah- welcome! looks like you're a local too and wonder if our paths have ever crossed?
    I used to know a Canon Purdy- any relation?
    @Joellen- I haven't forgotten you! See my most recent post for an updated glimpse. I hate how long it's taken me and hope you'll forgive me!

  8. red is my favorite color. i read your blog because I always learn something new from your work and from your approach to teaching.