Tuesday, March 8

Geometric action figures results

The 11th and 12th grade students in my Art I class have started to turn in the geometric action figures project, and here are some of the completed works. Students selected a magazine image figure in an interesting, dynamic pose (mostly from Sports illustrated and Yoga magazines), traced the outline onto tracing paper, filled the interior space with whichever shapes fit, then transferred the figure to white paper to create an interesting composition of overlapping or interacting figures. The background was filled with larger geometric shapes to create unity and focal point, then watercolor was used to paint in transparent layers.
I think many of these show interesting color choices, reflecting their previous learning in color harmonies before I came. But many students asked for advice on color choices or responded favorably to various suggestions I made to improve contrast or create interesting relationships.
I'm pleased with how varied they were despite the narrow parameters of the project. Next we'll be doing some gesture drawing from a live model, and I hope they'll have some confidence leftover from doing this project to attempt REAL life drawing.


  1. This might be fun for your color theory class, too. I like the results.

  2. Thanks! It certainly lends itself to color theory. I'm happy to report that gesture drawing from a live model was a big success this week!