Wednesday, February 16

Happy Belated Valentine's Day

Last Thursday we had a Valentine-making night in my Stitch and Surface. Everyone brought lots of bits and pieces, and I dragged out all kind of scraps, stuffing, and the sewing machine. Hopefully everybody got theirs done before V-day, but here some are in progress for your viewing pleasure:
This started off with a tracing in ink on graphed vellum from a photo. Scraps were found and cut to create an applique, but the pieces looked so lovely under the vellum with the line drawing wed decided to glue them down onto paper and stitch the tracing over top. Some final details, like a dotted line between the lovers' eyes were embroidered.

This one reminds me of a postcard. It's some lovely linen reverse appliqued back to a red handwoven fancy twill with french knots to tack down the applique. Simply elegant! I'm enjoying seeing this return student combine her weaving and embroidery skills once more.

This artist wanted to create a more literal "heart", so she cut the applique pieces out to match up with ventricles and aortas, stuffed the applique before suturing them closed, and began stitching veins and shadows for a very interesting relief effect.

From this view you can see the dimensionality!

No Valentine? Gotta love bacon! This has lots of experimentation with stitch styles and applique- even some more dimensional stuffing.

Some more 3-dimensionality over here with ribbons, rosettes, pearls, and charms. If you've been reading for a while you may recognize this person's work! She took my class last semester and came back for seconds.

Okay, seems like everyone must be itching for a sculpture class! This artist decided to create a padded cover for a store-bought scrapbook kit, proof that one can always innovate and individualize with a little creativity!

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