Tuesday, August 24

She's (got) a Brick House!

I'm used to how long fiber arts takes, but it's mostly within my own physical control and endurance. Ceramics takes FOREVER. At least when you depend on studio techs to do all the loading and firing.... But anyway- my Brick project from my summer ceramics class is finished and I'm happy.I threw slabs of red clay, scored and tore them down to brick size, notched a hanging depression in the back and then used a needle tool to poke LOTS of holes through the clay. Everybody thought I was being crazy.Some of the dots are just surface texture and don't go all the way through. I used a mulberry underglaze, then an espresso and a white glaze to spatter, and a final light sweep of clear glaze over the bisque fired bricks. This past week I've been stitching them with a random cross stitch in perle cotton for some surface texture and color.
I have a total of 9 bricks, but I'm not happy with the stitching on one- the holes closed up a bit and I couldn't get the stitching very dense. They'll be installed in a wall-like installation above in the art educators show at Tyler next week!