Thursday, August 19

Fibers at Fleisher

The annual Faculty Exhibition is on display at Fleisher Art Memorial through September 19th. Before my last class of the summer session I stopped in to take a look and snap some photos to share. The fibers faculty is basically myself (see my piece above) and Nikki Virbitsky (her crewel embroidery Matryoshka doll is below). Although sometimes the book arts faculty are grouped with us as well. We're part of a larger crafts model with glass... it's hard to nail us down.Nikki has taught spinning for adults, but she's a jack of all trades like me, and also teaches in the children's program. Her Matryoshka doll is an ambitious scale, and has mostly satin, long and short, and french knot stitches.Although I think only 2 of us on the faculty call ourselves fiber artists, there was an interesting range of works in the show that had a fibers sensibility or inclusion. Lee Wilkinson's print below has fabric-like patterning and I can just imagine this creature materialized as a softie. Allison Stigora's "Eloi, Eloi" is a large scale drawing about 5 feet high, and reminds me of a giant scary ball of all my leftover fabric and thread clippings come to haunt me. Gina Fisichella's spray painted canvas has a thready feel to it as well, like a giant bobbin of variegated yarn.
This final piece I'd like to share stole the show, in my opinion. Jill Allen is one of the ceramics instructors, and I had the pleasure of taking her class this summer.
Her piece has patterned fabric stuffed pods budding off the ceramic base and held with wire. I love Jill's contrast of hard and soft, patterned and textured, linear and voluminous. The fiber forms are an interesting counterpoint to her ceramic forms.
Go see it for yourself! 7th and Catharine through September 19th.

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