Wednesday, April 7


It's biking weather, and I've been snapping some walls while out and about: Somewhere near Germantown Ave and Norris.
Norris between 2nd and American.

near Amber and Front
near Coral and Front
This beauty is on 2nd and Girard, and I think will be the inspiration for my final surface design project. I spent all day doing clamp dying in acid dye on a yard of silk trying to get a brick texture. I also have a quarter yard of silk sitting in a procion dye bath of blue. Depending on how dark it turns out overnight, I'll either overdye or discharge with clamps again. I forgot to bring home my fabric, or else I'd be setting up some rust dying on white tonight.

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  1. Wow!!! I love these images. Maybe I will post some on my blog of street-related "art"...