Tuesday, April 27

Going global continued

The globe is almost complete. I had a lucky find of a copper pipe exactly the right diameter to fit into my globe stand, just had to hack saw it down to the right length. I added just a few more french knots to represent some previously unrepresented areas (Thank you whoever found my blog today in Vietnam, India, Israel, and Mauritius!)I started stuffing with polyfil, and of course... as usual... I run out when I only had the last little wedge to fill in!! GRRRRRRR! Good thing this isn't due tomorrow. I attempted opening up an old pillow to use the stuffing, but it was too lumpy and felt awful. C'est la vie. I'll go buy some tomorrow. Then I have to figure out how to keep it centered on the axis- gravity keeps pulling it down, but the pipe doesn't spin on the stand prongs, so I have to allow for spin of the sphere on the pipe. Wish I had some air-dry clay- I could make a little flange.


  1. Looking great! How about a wrapped strip of leather or something for propping it up at the base of the rod...?

  2. Thanks! I love suggestions! The end is already wrapped in red waxed hemp, but it's not wide enough. I did buy some air-dry clay this morning, but then I thought, maybe I could just make a coiled, funnel-shaped piece to cup the base and keep it fibery. More experiments tonight!

  3. Drill a hole through the pipe and push a little rod through at the bottom of the globe?