Monday, April 26

Thank you!

Wow! I don't know what happened! I can't believe how many people have visited the blog in the last 2 days! My globe has lots more little black dots added to it. Merci Beaucoup! Danke Schon! Muchos Gracias! Tesekkur Ederim! Grazie! Tomorrow I'll finish it up. In the meantime, I've spent the day working on this monster:

It's 4 ft x4ft and I don't know how I'll possibly get it anywhere near completion one week from tomorrow. I spent the afternoon sitting the gallery for Spontaneous Repetition stitching my heart out.

The most interesting moment was when a neighborhood guy came in, quite possibly stoned, saw the work on the walls, saw me sitting there stitching and asked if he could make some art with me. So I pulled out my sketchbook and pencil set, and he sat and sketched out a whole page full of graffiti tags. I asked him if he wanted me to tear the page out for him to keep, but he said I could keep it. Sitting a gallery in the middle of Kensington, (AKA the badlands) has its moments.


  1. Sounds like you had an interesting afternoon... :-/
    Look forward to seeing work progress on that lovely cloth.

  2. I had a work-in-progress crit today, and it went well! But only one week left to work on it!!!!!