Friday, April 30

Wall progress

The globe critique was a success today! Now on to my wall. Which is due on Monday morning. Heh! Most of the white areas on the right are complete. But my shoulder and wrist are getting tired.
I started cutting into the rusted fabric to reveal the red beneath and make it look a bit more crumbly. It also saves me some stitch area.
By the way, I also have to write a 10-page paper by Monday night. Fun.
Back to stitching now.


  1. The red + rust look great together with the white/cream lightness of the stitches...

  2. This type stitching really adds a wonderful surface and your choice of color is delicious. Will be great to see the final results....not head to your computer and write!

  3. Thanks Ger!
    @Terry, I did manage to get 7 pages done on Friday morning! The task of writing feels like a breeze after all the intense embroidery.