Sunday, February 14

Daily notes weeks 5-6-7

 My daughter found a pottery shard and gave it to me. Week 5 is all my busting of pride for all her accomplishments. The shard looks like a heart attached using shisha stitch. On Sunday that week, Corinthians 13 was read. Love endures all things. These are words I cherish.
A car accident shook up week 6. Everything I encountered seemed to radiate- the spokes of wheels, the impact of accidents, pistachio shells on a table, a student's collage, and confetti at mardi gras/ shrove pancake breakfast at church.
 I'm surprised how much red is appearing in these pieces. I don't really like red. It's my tension/angry color, but I think it's showing up more as a mark of energy or excitement. My scrap box has more of it than I'd have expected.
My energy for stitching was low through week 6. I didn't finish stitching on it till this morning and then lacked motivation to start on one for week 7. I suppose it's normal for enthusiasm for a project to wax and wane, but I don't want to give up on this project idea so soon. One month's worth of stitching is done and I can envision the potential of 12 months' worth.

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