Saturday, July 26


You know you want to see this one in person... Only 1 more week to catch it at Fleisher.
 For the first time they're doing a viewer's choice award... I'm very curious who will win!!
I love this digital print and embroidery vein. I also recently discovered PIXLR, an online photo imaging tool similar to photoshop. Since I don't have photoshop on my laptop, it's a convenient way of altering my images. The one above is my latest mashup. I took the Queen Anne's lace from Brandywine and combined it with the decorative vent from Wyeth's studio repeated over and over. I like how the vent and flower forms echo each other. I have a few more images ready to be printed soon.
I've been very lazy this summer.. mostly spending time with family. We started playing tennis together. Went to the beach. Trying to figure out what's next.

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