Sunday, December 15

When in doubt... Stitch

With all the flurry of weather and other changes in life, today was the first time over to the studio in 3 weeks! Yikes! It was 45 degrees Fahrenheit, but with hat, scarf, studio sweater, fingerless gloves, and the space heater next to me I was able to work for about 3 hours. There is nothing like stitching to let the mind release worries. With my fingers busy my brain can still and I can be in the present moment. The rhythm of the needle and pop of thread through the taut fabric is music that calms and sustains me. The bleak midwinter is outside my window, but my center is warm and bright.


  1. Mariee, I saw a description of your workshop at Peters Valley this coming summer. I don't think I can make that, so I wonder if you have a schedule of other workshops you might be giving?

  2. Hi Rob- I teach color theory, printing on fabric, and stitch and surface (embroidery) at Fleisher Art Memorial in Philadelphia. Registration is open now for Winter session, and I'll probably offer the same classes in Spring session. Peters Valley is a wonderful place to experiment, so I hope your schedule works out to join me!