Sunday, September 22

Just a bit ambitious

This quilt-top has been hanging on my wall since I moved into the studio last December. It finally told me what it wanted to become. Into the dyepot with a little clamping to preserve a small section of the original color and to create some contrast. Believe it or not I DID iron this and the backing cloth before trying to baste it! I was able to pin the layers together on my floor, but put it up on the wall to baste it.
 I've been thinking about culture a bit. The quilt seems so ubiquitously American. I thought it might be interesting to contrast the quilt with another pattern superimposed. This is much bigger than the pattern blend neighborhood pieces I've been cogitating. I found an Iznik tile pattern while trolling Pinterest, and decided it would be perfect for my quilt-top. Here's a sketch:
Get used to it-- this is going to take a LONG TIME. I don't know what I'm thinking.....

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