Monday, May 13

Animal sketches and some play

 My horse skull sculpture caused a sleepless night last week- I kept dreaming about how to fit all the planes together. The interaction of the jaw joint and eye sockets is very intricate. I'm hoping to find it all fired and ready for me to see tomorrow night.
 Another nightmarish night brought some bears to my door. I dreamed of moving into a new house near Fairmount park, and bears were crawling all around the wraparound porch. I've always wanted a porch- but could do without bears.

Last week there were 2 lifeless fish to sculpt in class, but I wasn't very interested.
Today was the first day I really had off and totally to myself since I don't know when- so I spent it in the studio. I kept hearing somebody clumping around on the top floor, and it got my imagination going. Since my mind wasn't on my embroidery hoop I pricked my fingers, and suddenly had an idea for a short stop motion animation. I played a bit and put this rough video sketch together. I think it could turn in to something more:

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