Tuesday, April 16

beginnings and middles

 Last week was the beginning of the semester at Fleisher. My embroidery class sadly lacked enrollment and was cancelled, but that means I got to sign up to TAKE a class instead. I'm taking Darla Jackson's Animal Sculpture class (with my honey) and our first night was all about Beep the bunny. I did a bunch of sketches before working with the clay because I need to draw things to really see them. Beep kept moving around, too, making it hard to capture just one pose, but gesture drawings are a great way to capture a quick pose.
In the studio yesterday I began stitching the Port Richmond Panorama. There's going to be so much backstitch! The picture above is about 5 feet of thread stitched in, covering only about 1 x 4 inches of the drawing. It's tedious sometimes, but it was a nice break from the wall:
Forgive the giant hoop marks (Yay! Finally used my standing embroidery frame!!) The white section is now completely covered in sashiko patterned running stitches to give a brick-like appearance. The original background wall is mostly gray up to the apex of the triangle, and I did get some gray thread for it, but I think the whole piece will feel more lively if I switch to the rust color for bricks.

I didn't make it to the studio today, but I did finish observations for two of my student teachers. Finishing things feels wonderful. At least it should. My prayers for the Boston runners whose "Finish" was ruined this afternoon by cruel terror. Although it seems futile at times, I'm going to just keep trying to put out beauty in the world. We need it to balance out all the ugliness.

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