Monday, February 18

A bit of sky

Cameras just don't do justice to what the eye can capture. At least point and shoot ones can't. Moments before heading to the studio I saw the sky streaked with yellow, pink, and purple. In the photo, it's just all overblown. But in my memory it serves as inspiration. My dye-painted piece has all the reverse applique complete, and now I'm seeding the sky with those streaks of color. I'm loving this piece. The wintryness of it. The high contrast. The crisp edges. There's a little guilt in making something beautiful. A worry that it isn't important or worthy enough.
On the other hand, it's a true impression of cold and winter, and the joy of light, however brief. Here I am huddled into my scarf, my nose and fingers too cold to keep working, and the cold northern light from the studio windows waning, leaving the warmer but weaker artificial lamplight. I can't wait for spring.


  1. How could beauty not be worthy enough! :-) Love this piece. Thanks for sharing!

  2. lovely stitching, looks like you'll do justice to that sky!

  3. Thank you =) I've been watching Art 21 videos while I work, and they're making me worry about beauty.