Monday, January 7


It's so different, going to a studio to make art versus making art at home. I go and the time is so much more focused and productive. There are no distractions. Everything is in one place, not spread throughout the whole house. I know I have to use my time wisely, so I don't dilly-dally. I've been bringing things over bit by bit, and now there's enough supplies to actually get things going.
I've started a shibori piece inspired by the panorama I took at John Heinz refuge with the trees reflected in the ice. My goal is to do a lot more surface design-based projects. I also started a small applique study for a larger wall piece I'd like to do. And I've finally got back to work on the piece I was working on over the summer. It began as a window, and I debated a long time about putting in a shadow figure. A little organza overlay added a narrative element.  I can't really believe how long this one has been in process since I first pieced and dyed it.
Being in the studio is making things happen. I hope this creative energy keeps flowing, because my biggest fear in becoming an art teacher in a school was the fear of letting go of my artist identity. I want balance between both. This feels so right.....

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