Wednesday, June 27

Thought Bubbles

 Classes have been over for over a week, but I forgot to get pictures of this final piece my kids made in the hectic rush of the last day. This was the best semester ever with my Silkscreen for 11-13 year olds! I had a group of 8 charming and mature young ladies who worked quietly and diligently the whole time. Our 2 main projects included a printed word bubble, which the students then collaged with magazine letters, and a 3-layer self-portrait stressing value changes in color.
 For the last class I got a 4x6 foot plywood board, which the students painted with stripes and spatters (they wanted it "rainbow", but I think we went more "circus"). For such a quiet group of kids, they must have incredible inner lives to produce this vibrant work of collaborative art. With the background painted we cut out our bubbles and self-portraits, and collaged them on top.
Their "thought bubbles" include phrases like:
"crazy me"
"this is just how I am"
"Express yourself"
"Am I the only one who doesn't know what's going on?"
and of course, "How can cats be so sute but so evil?"

 Students also had an opportunity to make their own portrait/bubble collage using other prints in their edition.
I'm really going to miss this bunch of girls. This summer the age group for silkscreen is shifting to 12-16 for camp, and in the Fall I'll have 14-18 year olds for the first time. It will be nice to get more experience with teens, but I really like working with the middle schoolers. Working in the silkscreen studio requires respect, cooperation, and responsibility, and I think my students really grow through the process.
The finished "Thought Bubbles" collaboration is going to be on display in an exhibition of children's artwork at the Philadelphia Foundation this Fall!

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