Thursday, May 31

What are the kids doing this summer?

Yesterday I posted my adult summer offerings at Fleisher- now it's time for the kids! For the first time Fleisher will be offering morning, afternoon, and full day class options. I'm only teaching in the mornings, but parents can select a morning class, lunchtime, and an afternoon class if they need full day camp. Each week different classes are offered for each age group. Class sizes are small so kids get lots of individual attention as they explore their creativity!

Here's what I'm  offering:
 CRITTER SOFTIES: Famously known as "the best class ever", Critter Softies is offered for 8-10 year-olds during the first week of camp from 9:30-12, Monday-Friday July 9-13. Kids get to design and create their own stuffed toys out of fabric and learn hand and machine-sewing (with my help). We'll make at least 2 creatures including a simple 2-sided design like above, and a more complex multi-limbed monster with movable parts. If time allows,we'll even make a short video to make our creatures come alive!
PAINTING & DRAWING: Held during the 2nd week for 11-13 year-olds, this class meets 9:30-12 Monday-Friday July 16-20. We'll start off with a day of group drawing games to break the ice and get familiar with lots of different materials. Then we'll move on to a mystery painting where each student will create a grid enlargement section in mixed media. Finally we'll use up all the results of our drawing games for a still life collage.

 SILKSCREEN: This class will be held the third week, July 23-27 for 12-16 year olds. Kids will be able to design, print, and embellish their own T-Shirts. HEY! I just checked the website and this class is full already!! sorry!
MURAL PAINTING: Held during mornings in the last week of Fleisher camp, July 30-Aug 3rd, this class for 14-18 year olds will allow teens to design and paint a brand new mural in our parking lot. We'll look at the traditions of mural painting and gather inspiration from neighborhood murals and street art!

There are lots more classes available for all ages- drawing and painting, photography, sculpture, and fiber arts. Check out the website for more information and to register for classes:

And please spread the word!!!!


  1. I so wish I could take the "Critter Softies" class! I can easily see why it's known as the best class ever. Alas, my sewing skills art less than spectacular. How on earth did I receive my sewing badge in Girl Scouts? ;) Hope you have a wonderful summer!

  2. It must be so energizing to be around kids being creative. Hope you continue to be inspired by their art making!