Saturday, April 21


I can feel myself hitting the end of an artistic cycle. The Fiber Philadelphia shows will all be finished soon and the unsold work will come back home. All that work over the last 6 months, then exhibiting, and then it's over. I often have a little "post-partum" depression after completing a big project where I don't know what to do next. I feel a little depleted creatively. Add to that the creative outpouring into my teaching lately. I work with about 500 students every week between all my various jobs. It requires a lot of thinking, responding, patience, and love.
I'm glad I have this long cloth to work on- it's a grieving piece. It will become a growing piece, but right now it's still in the grays. It doesn't require much thought yet- I can just stitch and keep my hands busy while my head catches up.
According to Blogger, my last post was my 500th- a landmark I suppose. 500 of one thing (like blog posts and students) seems like a lot while 500 of another thing (stitches, for example) doesn't seem like much.


  1. Down time is time to think, be free, ponder what's next, relax, regroup, and find new ideas waiting for you. I guess. :)

  2. fields need to lie fallow sometimes. I recognize it's a cycle, so I don't get angry at myself like I used to during these downtimes.