Sunday, December 4

random moments

I don't really know why things hit me as beautiful or interesting. Does it happen to everyone? Or is it just that I have a trained artist eye? Usually it's something about formal compositional qualities or because I see something abstract. So once in a while I have to stop in my tracks and take a photo- it drives my kid crazy and she tells me I'm weird. Having an artist for a mother is a great burden you know...

Anyone else see the tree? Maybe you had to be there...
One day the cloud banks made it look like we were headed into the mountains. Felt like up in New York

a walk down a different street brings different perspectives

and peeking through a fence reveals hidden views

don't forget to look down at your feet to find pattern on pattern


  1. i see it too! beautiful. finding "compositions" like these in life is something i really enjoy myself.

  2. Thank you for the recognition! I will get a post with my blog picks up very soon! This nomination has made my day!!!

  3. You're welcome Katie! It made mine too. It's as fun to give as it is to receive.

  4. I agree. I try to remain open to these moments of inspiration. Taking the time to stop and record them has taken my work in new directions. Stay weird if that's what it takes to make art!