Sunday, May 15


The semester is over and I'm slowly emerging. This past Thursday I had my final portfolio review with my graduate advisor, two art ed professors, and a fibers professor. I had an opportunity to share the art I've made in grad school over the past 2 years and discuss how the studios I took have impacted my work and process. After a half an hour review, they conferred privately, and then brought me back in to announce that I passed my portfolio with distinction!
There's still a thesis to write and one more studio intensive this summer. Slowly, slowly, and yet all too fast, graduate school is nearing completion.
I'm toying with the idea of considering blogging as a reflective practice and tool for art educators(especially teaching artists) as a topic for my thesis. The more I repeat that statement , the more sense it is making to me. Poor colored-thread has been neglected lately- I'm not reflecting enough perhaps! 

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  1. Coming up with the thesis "concept" is the hardest part of the process. I'm so glad that you have found something that resonates for you. It will be so much easier to write about something about which you are passionate.Isn't it wonderful that you have had this blog to help you begin the research end of the process. Good Luck! MOM