Thursday, April 21

Texture sampler from my weekend in NY

I'm currently enjoying a bit of a Spring Break, and managed to get up to NYC this past weekend! Mostly it was to do museum trips for my History of Modern Craft course. I went to the Museum of Art and Design to see their Global Africa Exhibit, SOFA at the armory, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Based on my photos it seems I was very drawn to textures!

closeup of rolled paper beads for Algernon Miller's "Change" hanging. The beads were made from Obama campaign literature and constructed by a women's co-op in Uganda. I think I'll write my final paper on this piece.

Detail of a collar piece of rolled paper beads by Sanaa Gateja who organized the KWETU co-op that worked on Miller's piece
Necklace of ceramic beads cut from a porcelain platter by Gesine Hackenburg. I like the heirloom made ornament idea.

SOFA was held at the armory at 67th and Park. Lots of ceramic and glass, but not much fiber =(

At SOFA Duane Reed Gallery from St Louis presented these ceramic and fiber sculptures by Michael Lucero which I'll use for my presentation in class

closeup of a wall piece by El Anatsui at the Metropolitan. The Miller piece above has a lot of similarities!

A resist-dyed tunic from Peru- I'm gathering resources for a shibori class this summer!

An incredible roof piece in the oceanic cultures section at the Met, with layered, patterned bark paintings. Incredible! 
Lots of inspirations to think about. It was really exciting to see many of the objects we've covered in class in person at SOFA and the Met. I was intrigued by all of the open storage at the MET. Philadelphia Art Museum should do that. I don't get up to NYC very often, and this was definitely  a great trip. I especially liked going up on my own instead of on the bus tour with the class, and taking things at my own pace.
Now, I'm looking forward to the end of this semester, the end of student teaching, and an upcoming printmaking studio class I'll be taking. I miss blogging on a regular basis! I miss time to focus on my studio. I miss going to see art more frequently. Thanks to any readers who've stuck around the last few months despite my slow post pace. It'll pick up again soon!

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  1. I've stuck with you, Marie! Always a pleasure. What is "open storage" at the Met?