Saturday, November 21

Polar Opposites

So, these are the 2 pieces I've been working on this week, and they kind of illustrate how reactionary my response to artmaking is. I really like the experimental, exploratory nature of the rust-dyeing, and the building up of abstract imagery. But then I get itchy to make something more realistic. It makes it sort of difficult to build a body of work, as it looks like 2 different artists made these. The streetscape above is my street ala Google Maps Streetview, which I collaged together into the panorama. I used 2 shades of grey for the buildings and cars, and a variegated blue/green/yellow for the foliage. It's sort of foggy looking, nebulous, looking off to the no-man's land of North Philly.
The rust-dying below is a remnant of the giant piece, which I over dyed with more rusty objects, pricked, and painted with India ink. I think it'll get some French knots in black before it's finished.There's some imagery, but I'm hoping it's not overly obvious. What do you see?
Again, sorry if I don't post much next week.... Lot's of deadlines coming up.

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