Wednesday, July 28


On Monday night I had my Stitch and Surface students try stitch shibori and low immersion multi-color dyeing. I really love stitch resist. I love that you "embroider" the fabric for a function, and the resulting dyed surface is evidence of the stitched mark, evidence of the hand. Not to mention the absolute magic of being able to dye more than one color at the same time with low immersion dyeing.
Word got out that I had my dye supplies along with me, so I got recruited to tie-dye some Fleisher T-Shirts. Their beige-colored ones were not big sellers, so I jazzed them up with some rubber bands and whatnot in a dye vat. It was a good counterpoint to be able to show my students both vat dyeing and low immersion.
If you're interested- the tie dyed Fleisher shirts are available for purchase at the front desk, and proceeds help support programming.

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