Tuesday, July 6

Sampling FiberArt International

My whole reason for wanting to go out to Pittsburgh last week was to see the FiberArt International exhibit at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. The entire exhibit can be seen online here, but there's nothing like seeing things in person. I'll be sharing some pics over the next few posts.

Since I spent today planning a workshop I'll be giving for the PMA in a few weeks, Samplers are on my mind (heh, like always). Therefore these pieces jumped out at me as I was browsing for the images to post:

"Embroidered Scribbles on a Page in My Notebook" by Ayelet Lindenstrauss Larsen combines mathematical notations and needlepoint and cross-stitch doodles in this alchemy of stitch and science. I looked up her name online and found an Ayelet Lindenstrauss who is a mathematics professor in Indiana- could it be her? Is she secretly doodling embroidery patterns during faculty meetings and grad student consultations? Either way, I love seeing evidence of the logical/mathematical side to stitching, all the repetition, plotting, measuring, symmetry, counting that goes into it.
I was excited to see Tilleke Schwarz's "Playground" in person. I've been a fan of hers for a long time but it was great to see one of her works up close and personal. Hers is a stream-of-consciousness spill of random thoughts and images and snippets of media quotes. You need string theory to find the order in her chaos.This last one was not in Fiberarts International, but it was upstairs in the PCA's exhibit "Interplay" of Pittsburgh area artists. Becky Siemmons' "How to Draw a Straight Line" follows along with this mathematical sampler idea and includes audience interaction. My stitchy fingers want to go along and tack down the intersections or couch down the lines. I love how simple she makes stitching seem. Anyone can do it! Own your creativity! That's it for the first sampling. I'll have more later. It's too hot to type anymore!

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