Saturday, March 20

Details details

I'm getting some work ready for my upcoming show and thought I'd share the process a little. This is an image I did about a year ago called "Delaware Ave", but never got around to mounting. This will be in a shadow box, so I've appliqued the piece itself to a larger background fabric which will be attached to the shadow box insert. The kantha pieces I've been working on have more layers of fabric, so they won't turn easily for an applique. So I decided to bind the edges and float mount them to the background.
I ended up cropping the York St. image a little, as the edges weren't really important and it pulled the focus in a little. I was also having trouble finding a background fabric- the black border definitely increased the contrast.
I have a lot more to do as I'm hanging on Monday- more details to come!


  1. I´m very fond of the way you transformed urban landscape into stitch...

  2. Thanks Ger! I'm very inspired by nature and landscape, but I live in the city. So I work with what I've got! I'm fascinated by how nature takes over whatever is abandoned here. There are buildings exploding with vines and trees!

  3. Looks great! Good luck with preparations, and have a wonderful show!