Monday, March 8

Day Studio/Night Studio

We're on Spring Break, but with lots of projects due in the coming weeks, I'm spending my "free" time in the studio at school during the mornings. Here's a peek at my silk painting project: Salt makes interesting textures above in the background and below in the...what is that...?

A beautiful chilly nipple, that's what. It's my favorite part of the whole piece. The phrase that sparked this was "Cold Hands, Warm Heart". A classmate let me sketch her pose (clothed though). The weird shadow in the photo is because the top part of the piece was still pinned out on the frame with the rest hanging down.

At home in the night studio I'm in a frenzy of stitching, as I have a 3 person show coming up opening at the end of the month. A lot of framing to do over the next 2 weeks!! I wanted at least one more of these Kantha style pieces for the show, so here's a work in progress representing about 2 nights of work:

The selected fabrics laid out in composition and pinned. The background came from a linen dress I altered, the greens up top and reds at the bottom came from dye samples I made, and there's an overlay of pink silk organza.I'm doing seed stitch in a faintly violet gray over the whole thing. I love how the stitching really fuses the cloths together.. I also love the organza and the transparency it creates. The inspiration was a graffiti image:
Now back to work!

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