Friday, February 19

Studio update

My first dye project is due on Monday, so I've been pretty busy in the studio this week. I'm really enjoying the stitch-resist shibori. Below is my silk piece which used machine stitching for the loops up top, handstitching along the border between top and bottom, and bound resist for the lower circles. This one used acid dye and thiox discharge on silk.I'm not quite done with the one below. I've been struggling with it because the thiox discharged my avocado green to an unsightly yellow. It has wood-grain mokume resist at the top, bound resist in the bottom green circles, and stitch resist shapes for the dark splotches. I think it needs one more dark splotch crossing into the woodgrain texture. This piece uses MC Procion dye and thiox discharge on cotton.In digital printing I have to come up with some way to combine the 4 prints below. Hmm... embroidery anyone?


  1. Love the collage-like aspects of these pieces. Very tactile. Lovely palette as well.

  2. Crit went well on the dye pieces. They were all amazed by the loopy one.
    Also had a crit on the digital print pieces- they were impressed by my finishing. Well if I can't stitch by now, what good am I?
    Thanks for visiting Iviva! Wish more people felt free to comment.