Wednesday, February 3

all over the place

My morning started here at my favorite cafe on Frankford Ave. We're going to have to come up with a photo for inspiration for a dye project, and I liked the oranges and greens as well as the textures in this shot. While there I snuck in some stitch time to do some more on the York Street piece. I'm much happier with the red rowhome front now. But for some electrical wires, it might almost be done.
Then it was off to school for some printing on fabric. We actually got to send some fabric through the printer, and it's like magic!!! I really loved how the images in the previous post turned out, and I was able to sneak in one more printout so that I'd have a piece ready for tomorrow's self-portrait session with my Stitch and Surface students. Yes, what looks like a watercolor below is actually a piece of fabric. I've gathered some other materials I might use in it.. a piece of purple linen for the foundation and some doilies from my in-laws.This evening was color theory over at Fleisher, but I always come home so keyed up after teaching that class. I spent my surplus energies working on a collage assignment for digital print class. Once again, Art magazines provide awesome collage materials. This one I think I should call "Twombly and Bourgeois on a Road Trip", as it has some elements from good old Cy and Louise. What an incredibly artistically eclectic day! Sometimes I think it's crazy all the things
I make. Maybe this is what will make me a good art teacher, though- broad expertise.
I can't believe how much red is in this post. I hate red!

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