Wednesday, February 3

Sampler books round 1

My Stitch and Surface students have started presenting their completed sampler books! I'm really enjoying everyone's different interpretations and methods. This is by Casey Jones and was a carefully thought-out design from the very beginning, with unified colors, a range of fabrics, and a seasonal imagery theme. She has a loop and button closure on the side. The centerfold is a spring theme, and I think she's planning on using the cloud motif in her next project. Her "pages" were seamed and turned, stacked with the cover and stitched down the center to bind. I especially like the borders on each page and these feathers at the end in fishbone stitch.This is Lesley Sico's book:
She made a lucky grab for a leftover group print from a previous S&S class out of my scrapstash and had a lot of fun responding to the existing image for each of her pages.Her book has a lace ribbon closure, a freehand machine embroidered cover, and stacked and machine-stitched raw edge pages.
Now that I've seen her blog I understand where her knack for graphic elements and composition comes from. J'aime ton livre Lesley!Here's Lynn Ellen Wolf's book:
This is Ellen's second class with me. I love when people come back for more! I get to see them grow and it challenges me to keep things fresh. Her book has a lovely bee-print cover with a long back cover to create a wrap-around flap with velcro closure.
She stitched within a border on each page, then backed each page with pink gingham in a seam-and-turn technique. The raw edges from the turning are hidden by her wrap-around cover and binding. The colors she chose and her organic motifs reflect Lynn's farming/gardening background (she's my favorite friendly person at Greensgrow Farms!).
I hope to share more as they are completed. There are 2 more stunners to share!

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