Friday, December 18

Wooly Warm

So, it's reallllllllllly cold out here- in fact we're expecting a crazy amount of snow this weekend- and the pink fingerless gloves I stole from my daughter just weren't cutting it anymore. Added to that was a desire to pick up knitting once again- something I haven't done in 10 years, probably sparked by seeing all the knitted goodness the Handweavers Guild members were showing off.So I got my friend Colleen to remind me how to knit again, and I think I've figured it out now. Before , I never got into a comfortable way to hold the knitting needles, but 10 years of working in fiber arts has brought new dexterity.In case you're wondering, the mitten tops are knitted flat in garter stitch starting with 30 stitches, then after about 10 rows (I counted 10 ridges up) I decreased both sides one stitch, then up another 5, decreased both sides again, up 5 while decreasing each row one stitch at the side and the center point. Then I bound off, folded the mitten top in half and crocheted the sides together, then added a bottom border of crocheted fan stitch. The second one went a lot faster!
I bought fleece gloves at Old Navy ( 2pairs for $5- whoot!) chopped off the fingertips, blanketstitched around the edges and then stitched the back of the mitten top onto the back of the glove. They're vvvveerrrrryyy cozy warm, and I can flip off the mitten top when I need to use my fingertips.
In other craftiness, I tried to do some nuno felting onto what I thought was silk, but ended up with some cobweb felt instead. Ah well, the cobweb felt is quite warm but not at all bulky, and I think this scarf is destined as a present for someone.
I'm not normally this crafty- it's the holiday season, I swear. I will return to art eventually.

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