Monday, December 7

The Craftiness- oh my, the Craftiness!

I picked up a bag of roving and a needlefelting tool at the Independent Craft Market on Saturday, and have been having fun making these little birdie ornaments. They're all about 1.5 inches long with some embroidered details.
Once again, this proves my reactionary artistic sensibilities- the semester and the crits are over relieving me of all the conceptual art and critical thinking, but I still need to keep my fingers busy. It's also a symptom of the holiday season. Bear with me, I'll make some real art again soon, I promise.
On a more artistic note, I may get to create an Easter altar front for the Philadelphia Cathedral in the Spring. I'm also trying to brainstorm plans for a Winter Break kids camp at NLArts and my next semester of Painting and Drawing for 12-13 year-olds at Fleisher.

Lastly, WELCOME to anyone reading this for the first time- I noticed a whole lot more hits in the past few days than usual. Feel free to leave comments.

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