Friday, December 11

Strange Beauty

Today was freeeeeeeeezing, and though beautiful, I can't believe these blossoms are out. They show how I feel right now, though- bright and blooming to have successfully completed my first semester of grad school, enjoying a short break, and looking forward to the next season. I love the light this time of year- the low slant and no leaves on the trees makes the light very clear and sparkly. I love wearing hats and scarves and mittens, and braving the freeze armed with a hot cup of coffee.
I managed to get lots of planning and deadline-meeting done today. I'll be leading arts activities at NLArts 2-day winter camp, so went over today to schedule the activities with the director. It's going to be fun! Then headed over to Fleisher to turn in all my contracts and syllabus for next session. Found out I have enough students for Stitch and Surface to run!!!! Hooray!!! So I'll be teaching 3 days at Fleisher and going to school 4 days, and life is crazy but wonderful...

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